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Artist reference guide to Orange pigments in art supplies. Color chart swatch cards of common pigments in watercolor, gouache, acrylic. Includes lightfast or fugitive information, index by pigment number code, brand, manufacturer color name, how the color appears in masstone (full strength) or diluted (with water). Each image displays the ability to paint a gradient, opacity, lifting (erasing with a damp brush), and layering (a second coat after the first has dried, which shows if a darker value is possible).


PO13 , PO16 , PO20 , PO34 , PO43 , PO48 , PO62 , PO64 , PO65 , PO67 , PO68 , PO73 , DPP (Transparent Orange) or PO N/A (Aquarius Orange) see PO107


Grayscale swatch card information panel


Why salt swatch color separating mixtures identify similar pigment differences 

PO13 Benzidine Orange: Rated as LFIII, but is extremely fugitive with dramatic immediate (LFIV-V) fading in tints/diluted when exposed to sunlight (can fade indoors from nearby window lighting). Available in cheap bargain or student grade paints, designer gouache and brands with a bright color illustration focus like Shinhan. PO73 Pyrrol Orange would be a good alternative for PO13. Pyrrol is offered in very similar hues, also has extremely strong mixing strength, a vivid orange masstone and far superior lightfastness.

PO13 Rosa Gallery STUDIO Orange student grade pigment art swatch color card colour sonnet comparison PO13 Arrtx Gouache Orange Red Color Pigment Database Paint  

PO13 Mixtures:
PO13 PW6 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Melon Watercolor Swatch Card PY1 PO13 Arrtx Gouache Medium Yellow Color Pigment Database Paint PO13 PY14 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Orange Watercolor Swatch Card PR122 PO13 PW6 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Wild Rose Watercolor Swatch Card PO13 PO68 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Wild Strawberry Watercolor Swatch Card PY83 PG7 PO13 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Moss Watercolor Swatch Card PO13 PG7 Arrtx Gouache Olive Grey Color Pigment Database Paint PY83 PO13 PBk7 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Brown Watercolor Swatch Card 


PO16 Benzidine Orange: Red shade. Fugitive, this color quickly fades with UV exposure (weeks) and by 1 year may completely disappear in art hung indoors near window lighting (extremely sensitive to sunrise/sunset beams). Mainly offered in cheap student sets or "designer" colors.


PO16  Mixtures:
PO16 PY14 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Papaya Watercolor Swatch Card


PO20 Cadmium Orange: Extremely lightfast and staining. Opaque. Slightly toxic, avoid excess handling or inhaling spray/splattered paint.

PO20 Paul Rubens Standard Pan set Cadmium Orange Yellow lightfast pigment swatch test card art color lift cheap PO20 Shinhan Korean Color A Orange Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart 

PO20 Mixtures:
PY35 PO20 Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolor Cadmium Yellow Pigment Swatch Card PO20 PR108 Rosa Gallery Watercolor Cadmium Red Light Handprint Pigment Swatch Color Chart PR101 PO20 Shinhan Korean Color A Burnt Sienna Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart


PO34 Pyrazolone Orange: Not rated. LFII-IV fluctuating results reported online, confirmed as fugitive in my independent tests. Significant fading in diluted/tints, it may be more stable in masstone oil/acrylic. Staining. Rarely offered pigment. Single pigment watercolor made by Old Holland is called "Scheveningen Red Scarlet". It looks like this is another case where the pigment rating was copied from masstone results (full strength/thick swatch, likely performed in another medium) despite the color being known to perform much worse in tints/diluted (extremely important for watercolor washes). Both PO20 and PO73 would be much more lightfast, yet similarly strong, orange replacements.

po34 old holland watercolor lightfast test rare pigment Scheveningen Red Scarlet fugitive 

PO34 Mixtures:
PO34 PY47 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Marigold Watercolor Swatch Card PW4 PY53 PO34 Old Holland Classic Watercolors Naples Yellow Reddish Extra pigment swatch rare mineral paint art professional


PO43 Perinone Orange: 
Darkens. LFII, minor fading over long periods of UV exposure. Rarely used pigment. 
PO43 Utrecht Watercolor Perinone Orange Art Pigment Database



PO48 Quinacridone Burnt Orange: Rated LFI, this lightfast color is transparent, staining and often used in combination with PY150 Nickel Azo Yellow as a way to replicate the old discontinued "Quin Gold" P049. Often used to tone down Phthalo Blues or Greens into realistic foliage greens.

PO48 Daniel Smith Watercolor Quinacridone Burnt Orange Art Pigment Database 

PO48 Mixtures:

PO48 PY150 Daniel Smith Watercolor Quinacridone Gold Art Pigment Database PY150 PO48 M Graham Watercolor Nickel Quinacridone Gold Art Pigment Database PO48 PY150 Holbein Watercolor Quinacridone Gold Art Pigment Database PO48 PY150 Daniel Smith Watercolor Quinacridone Deep Gold Art Pigment Database PO48 PY150 Qor Watercolor Quinacridone Gold Art Pigment Database PO48 PY150 PR209 Daniel Smith Watercolor Quinacridone Sienna Art Pigment Database PY150 PO48 PG36 PY3 Daniel Smith Watercolor Hooker's Green Art Pigment Database PO48 PG7 PY150 Daniel Smith Watercolor Sap Green Art Pigment Database PY150 PO48 PB29 Daniel Smith Watercolor Undersea Green Art Pigment Database PB27 daniel smith deep sap green watercolor swatch prussian blue lightfast test PR101 PO48 Daniel Smith Watercolor Burnt Sienna Light swatch pigment granulating vibrant

PO62 Benzimidazolone Orange H5G: Rated LFII, semi opaque, mildly staining.

PO62 Winsor and Newton Professional Winsor Orange Watercolor Swatch Card

PO62 Mixtures:
PO62 PY139 Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolor Indian Yellow Swatch Card Database Handprint Jane Blundell Art of Pigment


PO64 Benzimidazolone Orange: Depending on the brand this color has been rated very highly as LFI to LFII, ***(3/3 stars), ****(4/5 stars) or BW7-8 (which appears to apply to masstone only). Warning - this pigment is actually FUGITIVE! The fading is fast and dramatic when diluted or in tints. Pale watercolor washes will actually fully disappear off the paper as if they were never painted! This complete fading can be seen in about 5 to 9 months of window testing, but signs of visible fading happens within just a few weeks.
It appears that several major paint makers took the pigment manufacturer's word for it and passed along overly positive lightfast ratings to the artist (without verifying it themselves). Schmincke, Rembrandt, Roman Szmal and White Nights all rates it high yet all of them fade in 3 weeks to 3 months of UV exposure (compared to over 1 year of stability in normal BW8 / LFI rated colors).

PO64 Schmincke Horadam Watercolor Saturn Red Art Pigment Database Orange Paint Swatch PO64 Rembrandt Watercolor Brilliant Orange Pigment Database Professional Pro Grade Paint PO64 White Nights Orange Watercolor Lightfast Fugitive Fading Pigment List Database  

PO64 Mixtures:
PY3 PO64 PW6 White Nights Watercolor Peach


PO65 Benzimidazolone Orange: 
Rare pigment I was only able to find in Old Holland watercolor. Lightfast. Slightly more orange-leaning than most PR101 Transparent Red Iron Oxides. A useful skin and landscape color. 
PO65 Old Holland watercolor golden barok red rare orange pigment



PO67 Pyrazoloquinazolone Orange: 
Opaque, LFII-III, reported to darken with sun exposure. This color is very similar to red-leaning Cadmium Orange PO20 or PY35+PR108 mixtures. I prefer the reliable durability of Cadmiums, which is also opaque and may also be easier to find. 
po67 old holland watercolor coral orange rare pigment database lightfast fugitive testing



PO68 Sandorin Orange: Lightfastness is poor. Fading drastically in just weeks. Likely an inexpensive alternative to undisclosed ingredient kids bargain sets or as an Opera Pink in student grade paint sets.


PO68 Mixtures:
PO13 PO68 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Wild Strawberry Watercolor Swatch Card


PO73 Pyrrol Orange: Rated as LFI this color is very stable UNLESS left in repeat UV exposure (daily, for months) where it begins to fade in diluted form. This pigment is highly staining.

PO73 Winsor and Newton Professional Winsor Orange Red Shade Watercolor Swatch Card PO73 Rosa Gallery Flame Red Watercolor Paint Pigment Database Handprint Color Chart PO73 Da Vinci Watercolor Orange Art Pigment Database PO73 Paul Rubens Hint of Glitter Pan Set Watercolor Permanent Orange Red Swatch Card Color Chart PO73 Liquitex Basics Acrylic Cadmium Orange Hue color separating granulating pigment shimmer metallic 

PO73 Mixtures:

PY74 PO73 Jo Sonja's Matte Fluid Acrylic Yellow Orange chroma opaque flow vibrant pigment swatch card database PW6 PO73 PY74 PR170 Liquitex Basics Acrylic Light Portrait Pink color separating granulating pigment shimmer metallic PO73 PB29 PG18 Paul Rubens Tube Watercolor Royal Purple Swatch Card Color Chart PO73 PB29 PG18 Paul Rubens Hint of Glitter Pan Set Watercolor Moonlight Purple Swatch Card Color Chart

PO107 OR DPP - Diketo Pyrollo Pyrrole: 

Modern pigment, limited availability. Two brands make watercolor using this pigment - Winsor and Newton Transparent Orange and Roman Szmal Aquarius Orange. Transparent Orange is now marked as DPP (not P0107 as was initially labeled during a limited edition run from W&N). This is because (as of 2021) there has still yet to be a pigment code number assigned to this chemical variant of DPP. It appears that the chemical manufacturer has not paid to register it with the ASTM organization, but this may change in the future.

PO73 orange pigment fading winsor and newton watercolor lightfast test

Note that there are many DPP types that vary slightly (such as PO71 and PO73) but this one has slightly better UV durability in the diluted range. Despite DPP being a broad chemical term that may have multiple pigment codes (and is sometimes specially combined with quinacridones for hybrid pigments) I believe artists are better served by having "DPP" written on the label compared to no information at all. This gives us some insight into the base ingredients and familiarity with similar chemicals instead of labeling it "PO N/A". I've requested Roman Szmal consider updating this vague label for us, but this pigment may receive an official code in the future before other labeling changes happen.

Superbly transparent dark orange that is lovely for layering/glazing. Lightfast (no major fading at one year window test). There is very slight desaturation/minor fading in long term tints, but this is well within a LFI-LFII rating even in tints. This form of DPP is unusually lightfast for a red-orange pigment. Trusty cadmiums are more lightfast, but just too opaque to be used the same way. I would avoid Cadmium Free Orange by W&N though, that one is terribly fugitive (see above LF test). In general red and red-orange pigments fade more often than other colors, since this end of the spectrum absorbs more UV. Overall I feel most DPP varieties are an acceptably stable choice if you prefer a single pigment orange on your palette vs mixing red and yellow.

PO107 Winsor and Newton Professional Transparent Orange Watercolor Swatch Card


Swatch card template available for download here, or get the rubber stamp here. Swatch cards were painted on Legion Black or Arches Cold Press 100% cotton watercolor paper. Paper and brushes are available at Jackson's or Amazon here:




I purchase most of my paints at Jackson's or Blick art materials online.


These affiliate links are to places I have purchased my art materials. When available I'll include multiple reputable stores so you can compare and decide where you'd like to shop. Dick Blick ("DB" links below) is a large art supply chain store here in the USA that ships worldwide. Jackson's ("Jack" links below) is a great UK based art supply store which also ships worldwide, but carries some harder to find European products with quick low cost shipping to the USA. Amazon USA ("Ama" links below) often offers unique brands, including small business and Chinese off brand watercolor sets, that can not be found anywhere else. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Arches 100% cotton cold press 140# watercolor paper is one of the most durable surfaces for technical pen, scrubbing and lifting. It's surface sizing (coating) and texture is a good middle ground compared to the extremes of different brands. Due to these traits, and it being around for long enough to be the most commonly recommended paper for professionals, all of my swatches are done on this paper for consistency. Only white (and mica paints that do not show up on white) use the Legion Black paper instead. I buy my arches paper at Blick, and if you are in the USA this is likely the most affordable place to buy it:


Alpha by brand shopping directory:


Daniel Smith watercolors -- available on DB, Jack or Ama.
Rembrandt watercolors -- available on DB in Pans or TubesJack or Ama.
Rosa Gallery can be found through the following links: 12 set, 24 set, 21 pans in tin, 28 pans in tin, and if none of those sellers are still active or ship to your country you can try the manufacturers website here


Interested in other ways to help this project? Visit me at Kimberly Crick Art on YouTube or Patreon. If you have supplies that you would like to donate, such as watercolor dot cards or samples from your company that you would like reviewed or displayed in this pigment directory, please email me at or use the contact form with details. Thank you :)


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