Clear Acrylic Block Mount for Cling Foam Rubber Stamps (Select a Size)

Kimberly Crick


One clear acrylic block that works as a handle for rubber stamping. Select a size that is slightly larger than the stamps in your collection. Available in a small 2.5" square, a medium 3" x 4" block ideal for artist trading card size stamps and smaller, or a large 4" x 6" block which should be large enough to handle most common stamps.


You can use a single clear acrylic block for mounting all of your stamps that have cling foam on them. Press the cling foam side onto your clear block and you're good to stamp until you peel it off and put another stamp on the block. Also works with clear stamps and vinyl cling stamps. If you have wood mounted stamps, unmounting them and using the stamps with an acrylic block (along with EZ mount static cling cushion) replaces the need for bulky piles of wood mounting. Cling foam mounted stamps can be stored on 3-ring EZ mount storage panels or between layers of sticker release paper in a bag or bin. Cling surfaces should be kept clean and dust free to remain tacky and never stored on acetate products (film transparency).