Waterproof Jet Black Archival Ink for Stamp Watercolor Swatch Cards (Select Option Ink Pad, Refill Re-inker OR Bundle)

Kimberly Crick


Archival ink is a jet black, quick drying, acid-free ink best used on paper (any standard tree pulp/cellulose or cotton fiber paper for watercolors works well). It is waterproof, with most images drying in under a minute. Ideal for swatch card rubber stamps to catalog your collection of water based markers, inks, acrylic or watercolor paints. Stamps clearly on hot and cold press papers (I use Bee or Arches, but would not recommend rough surface papers).

INK PAD: This firm felt pad measures 2"x3" inside of a 2.5"x3.75" white plastic case. The lid comes off completely, but fits securely with minor suction providing some air-tightness to prevent ink drying. Please note that these pads do not come juicy, but should contain enough ink for many rubber stamp transfers. It is not recommended to re-fill your pad with excess ink, as it can be very easy to over-ink your stamped image. Gently pat your stamp with just enough ink to see a thin shiny black layer on the surface. (If too much ink is transferred, your stamped image will become blurry/wet/distorted.)

REFILL RE-INKER: This small 0.5oz/18ml bottle contains a thick ink made for refreshing the archival ink felt pad. Only a small amount should be used at a time, allowing the ink to seep into the felt over several minutes before stamping. This bottle can refill your stamp pad several times, and re-fresh pads that are not completely dried out dozens of times.

Ink pad and re-inker are available individually or together as a bundle, choose a selection as a drop down on the shopping cart button menu.