Mini Color Wheel Palette for Watercolor Paint Color Theory Compact Travel Size Container

Kimberly Crick


White plastic palette with clear acrylic screw-on lid. This empty mini palette measures about 2.25" wide total (2" palette circle area) and can be filled with your own watercolor paints from tubes. They do not stack, but are extremely compact and space saving for setting up travel sets for urban sketching. Securely screws shut. Lid can serve as a mixing well. There is also a rubber stamp available that matches this design, for easily stamping color charts onto watercolor paper.

Each of this palette's 12 outer wells can hold about 0.5ml (compared to a standard half-pan tray size of 1.5ml in most watercolor pan sets). The center circle (or 13th well) could be used as a mixing area in addition to the lid, or for a neutral mix/white/black if using this for color theory practice. Each well / tray space is about 5mm deep and is about as long as a normal half pan, but about half as wide (narrow). Small brushes work best, I recommend using a size 6 or smaller pointed round paint brush (size 2-4 is ideal).

See the second picture for an example of how I fill these with my tube paints for convenience use on my small desk and for travel. I squeeze out a small amount of wet paint, then stir it with a toothpick to fill the space before letting the paints dry. This is ideal for watercolor and gouache that can be re-wet with a damp brush. The screw-on lid keeps paints securely in place if you have a paint brand that cracks into small chunks when dry. This listing is for the empty palette container with lid only (no example paints etc.). Choose a quantity from the drop down menu, there is a discounted option for buying 3 at a time.