Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle Student Grade Watercolor Review 12 Pan Set Color Chart Swatch Card Video Painting Demonstration

Sennelier is a paint manufacturer from France specializing in honey-based watercolors. They also make a variety of gift sets with tubes or pans, in addition to other products like shellac based india inks, egg tempera and dye based watercolor brush pens. This review is for the La Petite Aquarelle 12 color half pan set which is their student grade.

(If you'd like to see the 98 colors of professional quality, see the l'Aquarelle review here.)

If you are able to find this set at a reasonable price, and like the unique palette design it could definitely function as a great starter set. Unfortunately compared to other brands in this price range they do not include pigment information with their sets, though at this time none of my paints have faded. I will update this as the lightfast testing goes for more time. 

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