Sennelier Professional Watercolor Review l'Aquarelle 98 Color Chart Video Demo Swatch

Sennelier is a honey-based watercolor made in France. The l'Aquarelle line is their professional quality watercolor (see La Petite Aquarelle for student grade). This brand has 98 fairly standard common colors, with very little in the way of granulating earths, color separating pigments, pastel or mica modern mixes. It's a good stable brand for basics, but there are a few hidden gems within this brand that I think are worth seeking out.


--- Video review with breakdown of their top unique colors along with my personal favorite recommendations coming soon ---


Lightfast testing has begun for all 98 colors. I am testing both masstone (full strength) and diluted (about 50% water) for this range in order to best detect any issues with pigments that may fade in tints/diluted. Overall this company does not use many unusual pigments and I expect most colors to be LFI to LFII / max lightfastness. I will update this page as future results come in. Here's the initial scan to serve as a simple color chart:

Sennelier professional watercolor 98 color chart swatch diluted and masstone lightfast test 

I recommend trying the single pigment colors called Caput Mortum (a granulating deep red iron oxide), Helios Purple (an ideal primary mixing magenta) and Turquoise Green (a bright beautiful blue-leaning version of Cobalt Teal). They also have a couple of pretty, mildly color separating, purple mixtures called Cobalt Violet DEEP, or LIGHT, hue. These have a unique appearance not easily replicated by any other brand.

Swatch Cards --- all 98 colors in progress ---

PY150 Sennelier Pro Watercolor Yellow Lake Art Pigment Database PY3 PY150 PBr23 Sennelier Pro Watercolor French Ochre Art Pigment Database PR101 PY150 PR206 Sennelier Pro Watercolor Quinacridone Gold Art Pigment Database PY150 PY42 Sennelier Pro Watercolor Light Yellow Ochre Art Pigment Database PY150 PR209 PBr23 Sennelier Pro Watercolor Chinese Orange Art Pigment DatabasePR209 Sennelier Quinacridone Red Watercolor Lightfast Pigment List Database PR122 Sennelier Watercolor Helios Purple primary magenta mixing color paint pigment PB27 Sennelier Watercolor Prussian Blue Swatch Card PY150 PG7 PBr23 Sennelier Pro Watercolor Brown Pink Art Pigment Database PY150 PG36 PBr23 Sennelier Pro Watercolor Olive Green Art Pigment Database 


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