Rembrandt Watercolor Review, Color Chart, Lightfast Test for Tubes, Pan Sets, Special Effects Water Colour

Rembrandt is the professional watercolor line by Royal Talens. You may also know their company by the well-loved Van Gogh student grade paints they produce. Both lines are made from high quality pigments, typically using only the most lightfast of colors. Rembrandt offers some of the more expensive pigments like genuine cadmium and cobalt colors, as well as a higher pigment load than their student range.

In 2019 Rembrandt started releasing a wide variety of unique pan sets, including new granulating colors mixed with their oxide black (a magnetite pbk11) along with a very special glass-based glittering interference colors. Some of these are chameleon flip-flop shifting specialty paints ideal for illustration, abstract art and animals with iridescent wings.

Here is my video covering the glass and mica special effects box set, color chart swatch cards and demonstration painting:


Lightfast test results: Lightfast. These colors are completely UV stable. These are great for art to hang on your wall or to sell. Overall, as a company, Royal Talens is really good about carrying the most lightfast pigments available.


I'm not surprised by these perfect results with no fugitive colors after having similar good results with most of the Rembrandt and Van Gogh line (including the beautiful Van Gogh metallic and interference pocket box - which I recommend as a cheaper alternative to the Rembrandt standard metallic colors).


Where to buy? Rembrandt watercolors available for purchase on DB in Pans or Tubes, Jack or Ama.

There are 120 colors in the Rembrandt professional watercolor catalog. Here are some of my favorites:

Rembrandt Ultramarine Violet Watercolor PV15 pigment purple granulating color separating paint

Ultramarine Violet is a beautifully soft granulating purple made from PV15. Not very many companies offer this pigment and surprisingly even some of the mega main brands (like Schmincke) only have a darker blue-leaning mixture of PV15/PB29 instead a pale purple single pigment PV15. This particular version has a subtle color separation visible with salt or excess water backruns/blooms. Salt seems to expose a more blue color while water seems to dilute it towards pink.


Rembrandt watercolor swatch cards:

PO64 Rembrandt Watercolor Brilliant Orange Pigment Database Professional Pro Grade Paint pv32 rembrandt benz violet watercolor pigment database color chart swatch Benzimiazolone PV14 Rembrandt Watercolor Cobalt Violet Granulating Pink Purple Swatch Card Painting pv55 rembrandt quin purple bluish watercolor swatch card color chart PV15 Ultramarine Violet Watercolor Rembrandt Color Separation Granulation Pigment Database  PB36 Rembrandt Watercolor Cerulean Blue Deep Pigment Database Pigment Database Swatch Card Paint PG18 Rembrandt Viridian Pigment Database Green Paint Swatch

Swatch card template available for download here, or get the rubber stamp here. Swatch cards were painted on Legion Black or Arches Cold Press 100% cotton watercolor paper. Paper and brushes are available at Jackson's or Amazon here:



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