Daniel Smith Watercolor Lightfast Testing Reviews Demo Painting Videos

Daniel Smith lightfast testing 1 year results find out which colors are fugitive and fade with UV sun light. In depth reviews for tube colors, sets and new 2019 half pan travel sets. Video painting tutorials, color charts and swatch cards by Kimberly Crick.

Daniel Smith watercolor review recommendation for beginner artists and granulating paint basics

This painting of a Florida Panther with foliage is a good example of how I love to use Daniel Smith's granulating watercolors. I used Undersea Green for background texture and the animal's eyes:

 Daniel Smith Undersea Green Watercolor Paint texture Granulating foliage botanical art animal eyes

 Hematite and Hematite Burnt Scarlet Genuine for the fur: Daniel Smith Hematite Genuine Watercolor Primatek Granulating Animal Painting portrait art


Daniel Smith color chart 238 dot card LIGHTFAST TEST fugitive colors results 1 year in sun

 The 238 color chart shown above was created using the dot card chart, which is a great way to pick out your favorite colors!


The following colors are majorly fugitive with signs of fading starting within one month. Lightfast colors last for a year or more of daily light exposure, and I will expand on which colors faded by the 1 year mark further down the page.

Daniel Smith watercolor fugitive prussian blue green fading lightfast test interference sapphire

The small 5ml tube kits are ideal for beginners and artists on a budget, allowing you to get a good mixing color set at a lower cost than their larger 15ml tubes. The primatek set is a wonderful way to try out their granulating colors, especially for those who haven't decided if they enjoy texture in their artwork yet. The 5ml tubes can fill a half pan (standard tray size for travel palettes) more than a couple times, giving you plenty of paint to create dozens of small paintings (like artist trading cards or 5x7s) or a few larger pieces.



One year lightfast test results Daniel Smith Watercolors Moonglow Shadow Violet Aureolin Sickerlite fading fugitive colors



Swatch cards displaying the handling properties of each Daniel Smith watercolor.


Daniel Smith Cascade Green Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart

I have done many video reviews and demonstration paintings for Daniel Smith colors. I will be expanding this page in the future, but for now if you'd like to watch more videos check out my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/kimberlycrick


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