Faux Dichroic Glass Beads Rubber Stamping Other Things Tutorial

Have some domino size rubber stamps, but want to use them for projects other than domino jewelryHere are some ideas for using standard domino (1" x 2") rubber stamps for a variety of projects:
In addition to using domino pieces for pendants, you can also use them for magnets and key chains. There are also a wide variety of similar game tiles on the market in different shapes and sizes that can be used in a similar way. Wood and plastic beads with flat surfaces can also be decorated with your rubber stamps.


Lexigo-Hexagonal-Game-Tiles-Domino-Rubber-Stamping-Tutorial-464x161  Game-Tiles-For-Rubber-Stamping-Domino-Tri-Omino-Scrabble-Bendomino-Mini


Check out the Beads to Decorate section for a variety of surfaces to decorate. The beads to decorate section also has smaller, miniature domino size beads, such as the ones shown below using Mntr-M10 rubber stamp set:


Quick and easy imitation dichroic glass pendants
using glass inserts for pendant trays or any transparent beads, rubber stamping, glitter glue and paint.




1) Stamping: Lay your rubber image side up on your table. Gently pat your Stazon ink pad onto the stamp in a quick up and down tapping motion while moving the pad side to side until you see even coverage of ink on the stamp. Press the flat side of the glass down onto the rubber stamp. Gently separate the stamp and glass.


2) Coloring: Here I have used glitter glue to color on top of the rubber stamped image. There are many types of glitter glue at most craft stores, this one is "Big & Glitzy" by Sulyn. I also like the fine particle glitter glues called "Stickles" by Ranger Ink which come in a wide variety of colors. Nail polish or glass paints can also be used to add a huge selection of colors, glitter and metallic shine to the back of your glass pieces.


3) Glue: Once your glitter is dry, apply a generous layer of glue over the glitter surface and place it into your pendant tray or onto your craft project's surface. I used "glossy accents" but you can use any glue rated to bond plastic/glass/paper/your project's materials.

The untouched clear glass domed surface faces upward creating a protective barrier for your artwork.


If glitter glue is used for coloring, you may want to cover the back with acrylic paint to cover any gaps and also to intensify color.


faux-dichroic-glass-rubber-stamping-tutorial-winter-trees-nature-silhouette  Additional ideas to try for faux dichroic:

Gold or other metal foil sheets could also be glued to your glass to achieve the metallic effect. You could glue the foil directly to the glass as is, or first to cardstock, then add unique color effects to the foil using alcohol inks before gluing to your rubber stamped glass.


The same techniques could be used on your own custom shapes cut from film transparency/clear plastic packaging such as food containers. These could be used for craft embellishments or seal in resin for durable jewelry.


mimic-distance-tree-mountain-aurora-borealis-alaska-art-jewelry  mimic-distance-tree-mountain-aurora-borealis-alaska-art-jewelry  Aurora-Borealis-Alaska-Art-Dichroic-Pendant-Pine-Trees-Tutorial


To create an Aurora Borealis night scene, I used metallic acrylic paints (Lumiere brand is my favorite) allowing streaks of metallic green to dry on the glass before adding the blue, pearl and purple colors over it. This paint reflects light very beautifully.


It is normal for the ink to look transparent on the glass when held up in the light. When you put glitter or paint behind it, the image will then look more opaque.

The longer you let the ink dry on your stamp before pressing it to the glass, the less ink will be transferred, usually resulting in a lighter image. Such as this tree on the left side of this circle. This could be done on purpose to mimic distance shading.


Guitar picks have a perfectly flat surface great for rubber stamping or alcohol inks. You can find them in a variety of colors and thickness at local music stores, or get plain white and pearl ones with no brand names/text on the Beads to decorate page.


Guitar-picks-plain-white-pearl-with-holes-for-pendant-jewelry   Tutorial-Rubber-Stamps-Other-Projects-Guitar-Picks-one


Optionally you can add holes to your guitar picks using a heavy duty hole punch (a common size to look for is a 1/16" circle punch) or Dremel/hand drill. Since guitar picks are under 1mm thick, it is very easy to place holes. If you prefer to get them with holes already placed, they are available here.


Cat-kitten-kitty-rubber-stamp-art-guitar-pick  Pine-tree-rubber-stamped-guitar-pick-pendant-tutorial


I decided not to color this pine tree stamp image since I liked the pearl background as it was. I spray sealed the image using Krylon's clear acrylic UV protection gloss in a spray can. Do your first coat as a gently applied mist from several feet away to prevent any ink distortion, especially if coloring. If you experience any ink running, you should consider using "Kamar Varnish" spray as a barrier from your sealer.

I then coordinated it with some of my favorite nature beads and jewelry making supplies. I used an antique silver rolo chain, separated the links using needle nose pliers, to attach the tree branch connector beads.


Try stamping images with the guitar pick facing different directions, such as this upside-down cat stamped white pick.


water-based-markers-coloring-guitar-pick-rubber-stamp-cat  Guitar-pick-pendant-pearl-tree-forest-art-nature-rubber-stamp-361x281


I colored this image using water based markers (most childrens sets are water based, such as crayola, or art markers like Tombow and Marvy LePlume.) Any non-alcohol marker should work (not sharpies.) The tree and kitten rubber stamps can be found on the rubber stamp sheet Mntr-M10.


I spray sealed the image using Krylon's clear acrylic UV protection gloss in a spray can. Do your first coat as a gently applied mist from several feet away to prevent any ink distortion. I then coordinated it will some of my favorite nature beads and jewelry making supplies.


Kitten-Cat-guitar-pick-art-drawing-rubber-stamp-pendant  Guitar-pick-necklace-pine-tree-forest-art-nature-pendant
Coloring wood shapes is quick and easy using chalk ink pads and markers. Learn more about different types of ink on the coloring tutorial page. (This artwork is from rubber stamp sheet #Anim-126 and Wood-127.)
Bottle cap magnets using rubber stamp art:
Paper Dolls:
Paper_Art_Doll-Ebay-KEERNG-Orchid_Spirit-777  Paper_Art_Doll-Ebay-KEERNG-Butterfly_Mask
Check out these paper dolls by Karen, to see what she currently may have available visit her ebay store here. She uses a variety of rubber stamps and scrapbooking paper for her dolls in addition to my stamps (these faces are from sheet #Sprt-007)
Imagination is the limit on 3d projects. Here I've used "Stampbord" (a clay coated sturdy board product by Ampersand that comes in 1" x 2" pieces) to make a little paperweight flower pot for my desk.
Rubber_Stamped-Domino-Flower_Pot_Paperweight Stampbord-Flower_Pot-Paperweight-Fairy_stamp_art
Checkerboard example art created using two stamps from Fore-M06. Used 64 (8 rows of 8) approx 1"square Stampbord pieces, inked and stamped with Colorbox chalk ink pads, wood circle shapes, glued on to cardboard.
Many companies such as Ranger Ink/Tim Holtz, Mod Podge and others carry thin acrylic shapes that can be decorated with rubber stamps, or use glossy accents glue to apply paper artwork to the back. Here are some techniques for any clear acrylic shapes or plastic beads you may find:


(Please note that many examples shown below are shapes from the "kystalkraft" line which is now discontinued by a no longer existing company that was called Sunday International. I carry some similar acrylic shapes.)




Step 3) Sealing: Depending on which coloring method you picked, sealing may or may not be needed. Alcohol inks and permanent markers are pretty durable on their own. Stickles glitter glue stays in place pretty well, but has a grainy texture so you may want to coat it with a brush on glaze of your choice. I have discussed a variety of sealers (with pictures of each finish) on my domino instruction page. Sealer types that I've experimented with will also be noted with the example art photos below.




Rubber_Stamped-Acrylic_Charm-Bracelet-Step06 Day_of_the_Dead-Domino_Pendant Best_Friend_Necklaces-Domino_Pendant-Art_Nouveau_Flowers


(Swirl pattern from stamp sheet #Impr-004, Day of the Dead skeleton playing guitar thick acrylic domino size pendant. Stamp image from sheet #Posa-002, glitter glue colored domino size acrylic shapes stamped with Stazon ink pad and flower stamps from sheet #mrkr-m00).


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