Unmounted Rubber Stamp Set Miniature Domino Trees #Mntr-M10

Kimberly Crick


Unmounted rubber stamp sheet #Mntr-M10 measures 5.75" wide x 8.75" tall. This set features a total of thirty-six nature & tree-themed stamps! These stamps are mini (travel) domino size, measuring 30x16mm or 1 & 3/16" tall x 5/8" wide each.
This listing is for the rubber only, and does not include any foam or mounting supplies (optional EZ mount foam and acrylic blocks available separately). For small size stamps, including domino game tile and jewelry making sizes, you can easily use the stamps unmounted. In depth tutorial for domino stamping here: theenchantedgallery.com/dominoes.html
Make money from your hobby! Your rubber stamp purchase includes the rights to sell handmade crafts using our images. As an angel company (a term used for any stamp company that does not limit your stamping to personal use only), our "angel policy" allows you to sell things like greeting cards, bookmarks, artwork and jewelry using the stamps. It does not allow for the resale of digital images or any manufacturing (mass producing a product). We retain the copyright for our images, but your purchase includes an image usage license.