New Paul Rubens Watercolor Pan Set With Just A Hint Of Glitter!

Video review, swatch and demo for the new Paul Rubens colors in the slightly glittering iridescent 24 color pan set here. This review features 3 of the new colors, with a twist of having some sparkle compared to their tube paints. Christmas Green, Royal Purple and Moonlight Purple color separation paints (in a similar style to Cascade Green and Imperial Purple Daniel Smith style watercolors).

Paul Rubens Butterfly Glitter Swatch Painting

Every review, color chart and lightfast test I do for these paints will be added to the Paul Rubens page, so you can see everything all together:


Paul Rubens watercolor lightfast test product review demo video speed paintings kimberly crick


I bought this set on Amazon USA. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


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