New 2019 White Nights Watercolor 9 Color Swatch Review and Bird Art Demo Painting

The 9 new White Nights colors are Venice Purple, Cobalt Turquoise, Geranium Red, Orange, Naples Yellow Light, Naples Orange, Aureolin, May Green and Cobalt Azure Blue.

 New 2019 White Nights color chart watercolor Cobalt Turquoise Venice Purple swatch

This is an overall warm color selection, but absolutely could be used as a limited color palette if they happen to be the only White Nights colors you try. I used this set to paint a Bohemian Waxwing bird in the video review.


The Venice Purple color (a Perylene Maroon pigment) makes a beautiful granulating wash when mixed with Cobalt Turquoise (Teal). These are pigments normally only found in higher price sets, so I was particularly happy to find them so affordably in this large 2.5ml full pans.

White Nights Watercolor new 2019 colors Venice Purple Cobalt Turquoise Teal Swatch Granulating Color Chart

I also highly recommend their 36 pan set, which has a beautiful balance of colors that would meet the needs of most beginners or professionals alike. This is one of the most affordable high quality sets on the market, with the price often competing with lesser student quality brands. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you would like to buy any of the supplies I used in this review, the Amazon links are below.



The 9 new colors above is not an official set, but was made available from the SAA (a UK art store) and may not always be for sale as a bundle. I also found individual colors if you are just looking to try one of the new pigments below. It may be cheaper to find a local art supply store that carries White Nights, going to the SAA's website or other importer of Russian watercolors directly.


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