Daniel Smith Gray Titanium New 2019 Watercolor Review and Medusa Painting


An in depth look at the different titanium colors from Daniel Smith including Gray Titanium, Buff Titanium and Titanium White. Each is a different shade, has different opacity and mixing properties but all are the "same" PW6 pigment. 

 Daniel Smith watercolor Gray Titanium color chart swatch Buff White PW6 comparison

This color seems limited in usage, being a poor mixing color. It has a tendency to dry much less opaque than it initially appears, making it unappealing for gouache type uses. The color looks just like a dirty building, so it may be of some use to urban sketchers for cement buildings, cathedrals, architecture and statue studies. As an example of it's use, I paired it with Buff Titanium for a vintage Medusa Greek Mythology Goddess) carving on a limestone wall:

Update: You can now purchase the new Daniel Smith colors online at big stores like Dick Blick or Amazon. However, I was able to find these paints early, before any other major supplier has stocked them, from a little store in Oregon USA called the Merri Artist here: https://merriartist.com/collections/daniel-smith-watercolor-new-2019-colors This was the first time I shopped with them, and I was really happy with the quick service and well packaged delivery. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you would like to buy any of the supplies I mentioned in this review, the Amazon links are below.


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