Watercolor Lifting Technique Paint Brush White Synthetic Taklon Bright Royal Soft Grip Flat (Select a Size)

Kimberly Crick


Use this style of paint brush to lift or erase your watercolor that you have painted on a quality paper that can withstand scrubbing (I prefer Arches cold press from Blick, but you can use most types of paper that have a durable surface coating / sizing made for watercoloring).

Silicone soft grip finger rest with clear acrylic handle made by Royal. The synthetic white Taklon bristles are soft (not harsh like a scrubber brush), yet springy and durable enough to retain their flat shape while lifting away paint. This is typically done by getting the brush damp, not dripping wet, and rubbing it over your wet or dry watercolor painting. Once you have gently scrubbed the desired area, you can further lighten in by pressing a paper towel to the paper to absorb any liquid pigment you've kicked up. I use these brushes for the lift / erase portion of my watercolor swatch cards. This type of brush is often used in botanical art. You can erase away paint to create highlights and shading on flower petals and leaves.

Sold individually, choose a brush size from the drop down menu. If you are new to lifting, please note that certain colors stain more easily than others making them easier or harder to remove with the lifting brush. Paper quality drastically affects this process, as some surface coatings do not soak the pigment down into the fibers of the paper making it easier to erase.