Original Art Watercolor Painting Iberian Lynx Animal (5x7 Not a Print, WWF Charity Fundraiser)

Kimberly Crick


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This Iberian Lynx watercolor painting measures 5" x 7". Original wildlife big cat artwork by Kimberly Crick was done using mineral pigments, such as Hematite stone watercolor paints by Daniel Smith. The multiple images above show how the artwork may look in indoor lighting (no flash photograph) compared to a bright computer (scanner) image.

This painting was done for the YouTube group called the Animal Artists Collective. Half of the sale price for this painting will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund (often known as the WWF or the panda icon) is an organization dedicated to the long term preservation of animals through habitat protection, restoration, working with international governments to make roads safer and allow for reintroduction of beneficial species. They are currently also supporting the captive breeding program for the Iberian Lynx to prevent further decline of their small numbers.

I use artist quality supplies including cotton watercolor paper, technical pens with lightfast and waterproof drawing inks and professional watercolor paints. I may display some of the materials used next to the painting in the images, but the paints/brushes/other supplies are not included in this sale. I do not sell copyrights with original painting sales, but if you are interested in reproducing this work feel free to contact me. It may also already be available in the "digital file" shop section with personal or commercial use options.

How to care for your art: it is never good to let any original artwork or prints stay in direct sunlight, including where it shines in from a window. While most art can remain pristine in indoor lighting for over 10 years, all art or prints by any artist can fade from direct UV light over time. Watercolor paints are not waterproof, avoid placing in areas with high moisture levels. The painting does not come with a frame, but is created in a very common size for you to easily find one on Amazon or a local art and craft store.