Open Back Teardrop Frame 20mm x 34mm Silvertone

Kimberly Crick


Single piece that can be used as a pendant for DIY necklaces. The small size makes it great for using two pieces as charms for earrings (as shown in the second photo example art, which you can make using your choice of glitter, printer transparency or rubber stamped projector film inserted into resin). It has an open area to optionally decorate. There is no backing material in the empty opening. Packing tape or contact paper can be used to seal the back as you work with resin. All open back frames are reversible designs unless noted as having a front and back in the photograph. This metal frame is made from silver mixed metal plating over a zinc alloy base. Lead free, but we are unable to confirm Nickel content.
Could also be used with wire wrapping, sewing or other creative techniques that require an open hollow frame shape. Try filling with transparency prints, stamp art, glitter, gold leaf, metal foils, dried flowers, leaves, polymer clay or tiny beads inside clear drying glues, embossing powder or ice resin. Transparent stained glass effects can be achieved with alcohol inks on a plastic film projector sheet or mixed-in resin coloring dyes.