38mm x 38mm x 3mm Circle Textured Bronze Pendant Tray (Cover Acrylic Insert Optional)

Kimberly Crick


This blank pendant tray is ideal for DIY jewelry making. The round shape is made with zinc alloy with a bronze color mixed metal plating. Glue your own photograph, artwork, prints, resin, dried flowers, leaves, polymer clay, rubber stamp art, acrylic paint pours and other mixed media into these bezel settings. Refer to photograph for measurement details or ruler shown in inches reference for size. Most dimensions written in mm are for the flat inner portion to be decorated.


Optionally, a clear 38mm wide laser cut acrylic flat circle insert is available for this tray. About 3mm thick, not magnifying, less fragile than glass, comes with peel-off protective stickers on both sides. Suitable for making faux dichroic glass effects using glitter glue and rubber stamping, alcohol inks, or clear glue over art and photographs. Note: Glass is not typically offered for trays over 30mm due to weight and clarity issues for larger pieces.