White Nights Watercolor Lightfast Test Art Supply Review Color Chart St. Petersburg

White Nights watercolor art supply reviews, lightfast testing results, color chart swatch and painting demo videos. This page also covers Yarka St. Petersburg (the 36 Ultimate full pan set which is the professional quality USA import version from the Jack Richeson company).

New colors released in 2019 including Venice Purple (365) Geranium Red (364) May Green (745) Cobalt Azure Blue (532) Cobalt Turquoise (531) Orange (315) Naples Orange (254) Aureolin (253) Naples Yellow Light (219) are made with highly lightfast pigments:


White Nights 2019 new colors cobalt turquoise venice purple naples yellow light azure blue geranium red

These 2019 release colors mix beautifully. Because there was no magenta/cool red, the 9 new colors have some limitations if they were the only ones you have. I find them to be a beautiful addition to their 36 color pan sets, completing some missing colors like Cobalt Turquoise (teal) and Venetian Purple (perylene maroon). These two colors in particular make lovely neutral mixes ranging from dusty purple to cool blue-gray:

White Nights Watercolor NEW 2019 colors Venice Purple Cobalt Turquoise neutral color mixing cool gray

This next video covers the difference between the White Nights Russian Labeled 36 pan set and the Yarka St. Petersburg "Ultimate" set (found on Dick Blick or Amazon for USA sales). Please note they are the exact same paints, not to be confused with the student grade Yarka sets that come in a different style of tray.

 The following noted colors are fugitive. The ones marked Yarka are also available as White Nights in individual pans (marked as Yarka here to show that these colors come in the Yarka 36 pan set). You can see a larger version of this image in the video above when viewed as full screen.

White Nights Watercolor color chart lightfast test fugitive fading list St Petersburg Russia watercolour

If you would like to purchase any of the supplies I mentioned in this review, I've included Amazon links. The third set below is a newer alternate color selection that includes several of the 2017 released colors (different from the first two sets that have been around for many years are shown in the video review). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Info about how my lightfast tests are done, including a list of all the brands of watercolor paints, acrylic, inks, pencils and other coloring art supplies I've tested can be found here.