White Nights Watercolor Lightfast Test Art Supply Review Color Chart St. Petersburg + NEW COLORS Pastels, Metallic etc.

White Nights Russian watercolor art supply review, lightfast testing results, color chart swatch and painting demo videos. This page also covers Yarka St. Petersburg (the "36 Ultimate full pan set" is the professional quality USA import version from the Jack Richeson company) as well as the new color additions of 38+ colors over the course of 2019 to 2020.


As of Fall 2020 (for the USA) 9 new pastel colors were added, bringing the opaque mixtures with PW6 total to 18. I'll cover those and lightfast test results for 32 other 2019-2020 additions to their catalog. ***Availability dates note*** Some of these colors were released in a limited amount to local shops/Russia/first in line distributors earlier in 2020. However, they were not available for import to the USA until Fall 2020 and are unlikely to reach large stores (such as Jackson's who is a major art supply chain that ships worldwide from the UK) until 2021. As of Oct. 2020 our main importer here in the USA can be found at OmniaProArt website or Etsy shop.


The older lightfast test video further down the page regarding White Nights vs Yarka St Petersburg's 36 pan set is now outdated due to pigments being changed in 2019-2020. I will leave this info available for anyone who still has the older products. Here is a chart noted the current changes, as well as a list of colors that still have fading issues.

White nights watercolor which colors are fugitive pigment paint test changes PO64 pastel peach

The colors released in early 2019 were some of my very favorite from this brand. They added mostly highly lightfast single pigment paints. They include Venice Purple (365) Geranium Red (364) May Green (745) Cobalt Azure Blue (532) Cobalt Turquoise (531) Orange (315) Naples Orange (254) Aureolin (253) Naples Yellow Light (219):

Available at Jackson's for shipping worldwide. 

White Nights 2019 new colors cobalt turquoise venice purple naples yellow light azure blue geranium red

These colors mix cleanly, with limitations only added by my desire to play with these colors independently as a mini-set. Because there was no magenta/cool red, the 9 new colors have some mixture limits if they were the only ones you have. I find them to be a beautiful addition to their 36 color pan sets, completing some missing colors like Cobalt Turquoise (teal) and Venetian Purple (perylene maroon). These two colors in particular make lovely neutral mixes ranging from dusty purple to cool blue-gray:

White Nights Watercolor NEW 2019 colors Venice Purple Cobalt Turquoise neutral color mixing cool gray

This next video covers the difference between the White Nights Russian Labeled 36 pan set and the Yarka St. Petersburg "Ultimate" set (found on Dick Blick or Amazon for USA sales). Please note they are the exact same paints, not to be confused with the student grade "Yarka" sets that come in a different style of tray.



 The following noted colors are fugitive. The ones marked Yarka are also available as White Nights in individual pans (marked as Yarka here to show that these colors come in the Yarka 36 pan set). You can see a larger version of this image in the video above when viewed as full screen.

White Nights Watercolor color chart lightfast test fugitive fading list St Petersburg Russia watercolour

If you would like to purchase any of the supplies I mentioned in this review, I've included Amazon links. The third set below is a newer alternate color selection that includes several of the 2017 released colors (different from the first two sets that have been around for many years are shown in the video review). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


In mid 2019 White Nights released 7 new metallic colors including antique gold, inca gold, aztec gold, silver light, silver deep, bronze and copper.



In late 2019 White Nights released 6 new pastel tints, colors mixed with white. I was able to get a bundle without a palette container that included the colors lavender, coral, lilac, pink peony, royal blue, rose quartz. 


Purchase White Nights paints on Jackson's website here

In early 2020 White Nights released another 3 pastel tints, including peach, mint and dunes. This helps round out a lovely gouache-like opaque pastel set with the previous year's 6 colors. The other 7 colors include cobalt chrome turquoise, ultramarine deep, neon pink, perylene violet, caput mortuum, vandyke brown and irgazin yellow. 



If you're a fan of White Nights paints, and especially if you've already started collecting last years new colors, this new selection helps round out some missing pieces. These 3 pastels offer a nice mint green, peach and sand dune color to go along with 2019's pastel pinks and blues. If I was new to White Nights, I may consider a more coordinated palette instead (like one of their sets of 36). This bundle is just a collection of new colors, not ones meant to go together to be painted with at once.


white nights color chart new 2020 colors mint peach dune cobalt chrome turquoise neon pink caput mortuum watercolor

However, as a fun challenge to myself, I did use this as it's own complete color selection and can tell you that it's surprisingly great for beach scenes. The cobalt chrome and neon pink can be used for skies, the ultramarine deep and mint look like tropical water, and the peach and dunes mix perfect sand. Irgazin yellow mixed with cobalt chrome gives plant green colors. All were easy to re-wet and are high quality professional paints.

 white nights watercolor beach landscape dunes sand irgazin yellow ultramarine deep new 2020 colors paint watercolor

Cons - Neon pink, as it's name suggests is their version of the popular fluorescent color called "opera" in most brands. It's made with a fugitive dye mixed with PR122, so it will not be lightfast. This may be a bad thing for those who avoid that color normally. However, it's really a lovely deep magenta leaning version which could be really pretty for florals, especially fuchsia flowers. This is also an overall very opaque and granulating color selection. Not impossible to use in layering, but really not ideal for any transparent glazing effects. This will not be the selection for everyone. Hopefully the color chart and example art paintings can help you decide :)

white nights watercolor neon pink perylene violet transparent petals layered flowers painting


Swatch cards for White Nights watercolors:
PY129 White Nights Watercolor Irgazin Yellow PY150 White Nights Watercolor Indian Yellow Art Pigment Database PY3 PO64 PW6 White Nights Watercolor Peach PO64 White Nights Orange Watercolor Lightfast Fugitive Fading Pigment List Database PR19 PW6 WHITE NIGHTS WATERCOLOR MAGNOLIA NEW PASTEL SWATCH CARD PR122 Fugitive Dye White Nights Watercolor Neon Pink Opera pr122 white nights quin rose watercolor new 2017 magenta pigment database swatch pv19 white nights quin lilac watercolor color chart swatch pigment database pv55 white nights quin violet new watercolor swatch card color chart pigment PB29 White Nights Watercolor Ultramarine Deep PB29 Ultramarine Blue White Nights Watercolor Color Chart Swatch CardPB36 White Nights Watercolor Cobalt Chrome Turqoise PB28 White Nights Watercolor Cobalt Turquoise Teal Blue Aqua Paint Color PG7 PW6 White Nights Watercolor Mint PY151 PG7 PW6 WHITE NIGHTS WATERCOLOR WARM GREEN PASTEL SWATCH CARD COLOR CHART PG8 White Nights Watercolor Green Art Pigment Database PY42 PBr6 PBk7 PW6 White Nights Watercolor Dunes PY42 PBK8 PW6 PETERSBURG OCHRE WHITE NIGHTS WATERCOLOR PAINT PIGMENT SWATCH CARD PY42 PBK8 PW6 PETERSBURG OCHRE WHITE NIGHTS WATERCOLOR PAINT PIGMENT SWATCH CARD PR101 White Nights Watercolor Caput MortumPV29 White Nights Watercolor Perylene VioletPR102 PBk8 White Nights Watercolor Van Dyke Brown PB15 PBK7 PW6 WHITE NIGHTS WATERCOLOR MARENGO ART PIGMENT PAINT DATABASE PR102 PBK7 PW6 WHITE NIGHTS PEARL GREY WATERCOLOR GRAY NEUTRAL PIGMENT SLATE


You can buy White Nights watercolors individually here

Info about lightfast tests can be found under the brand banners on the reviews home page here. You can also see how colors compare side by side to other brands on the pigment database here.