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Talens Art Creation watercolor and gouache is a beginner water soluble paint made by Royal Talens in the Netherlands. The "Art Creation" line is their lowest quality grade (made at a bargain price for kids/beginner practice), which has a lesser pigment load and more fugitive pigments prone to fading compared to their student (Van Gogh) and professional (Rembrandt watercolor or Extra Fine Gouache).

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Where to buy? You can purchase Talens Art Creation products online at art supply stores like Blick, Jackson's or Amazon.


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Royal Talens is a major manufacturer of watercolors, dye inks (ecoline) and papers from Holland. They also make great acrylic paints and waterproof inks (branded as "Amsterdam"). There is a bargain/kids line of "Art Creation" available in oil, acrylic, watercolor or gouache type paints, though this company may be better known for their student "Van Gogh" or pro "Rembrandt" watercolors. You may see their gouache labeled as opaque watercolor or "tempera" (another word for matte opaque watercolor depending on your language, not to be confused with egg tempera - this has a dextrin based binder like wheat glue/starch). This page will focus on their two grades of gouache = Art Creation (a lesser pigment load bargain priced for kids/young students) or Talens Extra Fine gouache (a high pigment load for pro quality work).

Talens Extra Fine pros: high pigment load, many fully opaque colors for complete covering power, smooth finely ground pigments that can be worked into wet washes to be controlled like transparent watercolors. Cons: Smell, their special dextrin and preservatives binder has a harsh chemical smell that may be off putting to those sensitive to strong scents.

Art Creation pros: low price.

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Lightfast? Talens Extra Fine gouache should perhaps be noted as a "designer" gouache, like Winsor & Newton, since many fugitive colors are available. The word designer is often used to describe a complete color range for print reproduction, including vibrant colors that are prone to fading. There are both lightfast and fugitive options in designer lines, so it is up to the artist to choose which is appropriate for their work. You can choose all lightfast colors for the creation of art to sell/meant for long term wall display. I'm a fan of how Schmincke split up their gouache lines to be more obvious (Horadam Gouache only offers lightfast colors, but their Designers Gouache includes fugitive colors). Lines like W&Newton, ShinHan and Daler Rowney's "Designer" gouaches include a variety of fugitive or lightfast colors - so just like Talens gouache you'll have to carefully pick colors individually suited to your task.


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Royal Talens "Art Creation" Gouache:

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Talens Extra Fine Gouache:

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Where to buy? You can find Talens gouache in many online stores online including Amazon, Jacksons (UK/worldwide) or Blick (USA). This page contains affiliate links. All product opinions are my own. I am committed to honest reviews showcasing both the pros and cons of each product. I have not received payment from any brand for a review. I only recommend stores I have personally shopped with and had a positive experience. I earn a commission from sales made through this web page's clickable banners or other links to Amazon, Jackson's or Blick Art Materials. 

My favorite American art supply chain store is Dick Blick. They have a massive catalog and competitive prices, with quick shipping options here in the USA.

Last I checked Jackson's carried Art Creation bargain sets, but not the Talens extra fine line:

Amazon USA continues to offer more and more art and craft supplies, here's some links to what I've found there. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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