Qor Watercolor Review Color Chart Swatch Cards and Lightfast Testing

Qor watercolors are made by Golden, the company well loved for their acrylic paints. They make some of the most unique and lightfast watercolors available. I have very mixed feelings about Qor due to the proprietary Aquazol binder. These watercolors are made without gum arabic and because of this unique binder they flow differently than any other brand. This can be fast and chaotic across wet washes, which can be a problem for those who desire precision and control of their paints. It can be a beautiful thing for those who paint loosely or abstractly. This binder is thinner, less gummy than the sap of the acacia tree (gum arabic) and therefore takes up less space as a water-soluble glue, allowing more pigment load per tube than other brands. Some Qor colors, particularly Magenta PR122 are some of the most potent of any brand I've seen. However, even considering this extra pigment load their paints are still very expensive. Because the rapid flow is not suitable for all art styles, you may notice that regardless of having a nice option for a certain pigment I may not recommend it as highly as others. As someone who appreciates building a multi-brand palette, where I pick and choose my favorites based on which brand has the most intense or granulating version of a color, Qor can introduce chaos when added to the mix. If you are a fan of controlling where the paint goes in a wet wash, these may not be for you. I have found that there are generally less issues when using these wet on dry, where flow is less of a chaotic factor.


Swatch cards:


PY150 Qor Watercolor Nickel Azo Yellow Art Pigment Database PO48 PY150 Qor Watercolor Quinacridone Gold Art Pigment Database PR122 Qor watercolor Quin magenta quinacridone golden paint color chart swatch PG18 Qor Watercolor Viridian Green Pigment paint swatch card color chart granulating


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If you'd like to see how these compare to other paints, check out the pigment database to see each color side by side against the same color from another brand.


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