Maimeri Gouache Extrafine Artists Opaque Watercolor Review

Maimeri, the Italian paint company that makes Maimeri Blu watercolors, also offers artist gouache (opaque watercolor). These are highly pigmented, matte finish (not glossy), semi to fully opaque paints with superior flow. When diluted with water they smoothly run off the brush for streak-free application. They blend or layer well, being particularly suitable for landscapes that have an oil painting-like appearance, as well as flat design work that can cover dark surfaces. I was able to solidly fill larger areas with less repeat layers than my other gouache paints. Though, like all brands, they do offer some colors that are less opaque than others - so please check their individual opacity ratings when requiring complete coverage over dark surfaces.

Maimeri gouache extrafine blick art materials matte paint opaque watercolor

I have been incredibly impressed with Maimeri gouache. I did not realize how nice this gouache was until after painting next to other top brands like Winsor and Newton, Daler Rowney and Schmincke. It seems to outperform designer, student and professional gouache paints. Maimeri gouache is up there with Holbein for me in streak-free application, but has an easier time flowing off the brush. Many of the colors remain opaque even when diluted enough to cause other brands to become more transparent watercolor-like.

Maimeri gouache lightfast test opaque watercolor matte paint primary mixing set

I just wish they were easier to find. If you are within the USA, you can find Maimeri gouache through Blick here. I have not seen them offered on Jackson's or any other major stores with worldwide availability.

Their PG8 gouache is an amazing deep forest green, rivaled only by the "green" watercolor by White Nights as a superb example of this rare pigment. While only moderately lightfast, this color is extremely unique as a deep forest-like single-pigment green. It has a much more natural appearance for florals than the brighter emerald to mint greens such as PG7 Phthalo Green.

Maimeri gouache swatch cards: 

PG8 Maimeri Gouache Sap Green Art Pigment Database


If you'd like to see how any of these individual colors compare to the same pigment in another brand, check out the pigment database.


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