Da Vinci Watercolor Review Professional Tube Paints Color Chart Swatch Cards Lightfast Tests

Da Vinci is an American paint company located in California. Their professional watercolors are of the highest quality being very similar to Daniel Smith in performance and pigment load, but with a more affordable price tag. They do not have quite the selection of granulating or mineral paints as Daniel Smith, but they are one of my go-to brands for standard non-granulating colors. You can find them online at Da Vinci Paint Co here, or at Blick Art Materials here.


They offer watercolor, gouache, acrylic and oil paints. Their catalog is made up of over 112 colors, most of which are lightfast. Please note that their "OPUS Vivid Pink" is their version of "Opera" containing a fluorescent dye. This neon color is always fugitive in any brand and I could find no warning of that on their website. They offer a few mica-based "iridescent" colors which are the only paints I can't recommend, since they appear to be easily mixed yourself with any color and the same iridescent medium (pearl white mica).


In 2020 they added their own version of Daniel Smith's Moonglow (they call it "Artemis") which is a very close dupe using the same 3 pigments. I wish that they had not also copied the lightfast information, which is incorrectly stated as max/LFI. The problem with this color in both DS and DV brands is the inclusion of PR177 Anthra Red. It's a pigment that suffers from being diluted, it's lightfastness is not as much of an issue in masstone. The original ASTM rating likely came from a sample that was not diluted enough to show major fading. Once this red is diluted in water or tints with other paints it's permanence becomes questionable. Past 6 months of nearby window light exposure signs of fading begin for Moonglow, and I expect this to be the same in Artemis. At the one year mark this was on par with my LFIII fugitive paints. I will update this as results become available.


Swatch card color chart:

PY150 Mission Gold Watercolor Green Gold Art Pigment Database PY150 PR206 Da Vinci Watercolor Quinacridone Gold Art Pigment Database PR209 Da Vinci Quinacridone Red Watercolor Lightfast Pigment List Database pv19 da vinci watercolor quin violet pigment database art paint swatch PG18 Da Vinci Viridian Pigment Database Green Paint SwatchPB29 PG18 PR177 Da Vinci Artemis Moonglow Dupe Look-A-Like Watercolor PR122 Fluorescent Dye Opera Pink Watercolor Da Vinci Opus Vivid Pink Art Pigment Swatch




You can also see any of these colors side by side against the same pigment in another brand in the pigment database.