Acrylic Paint Markers Lightfast or Fugitive UV Sunlight Art Supply Tests

Are acrylic paint markers lightfast? Not all of them. Sharpies, Posca and Montana all have sets containing fugitive colors. These are often not labeled for fine art use, with no specific suggestions about what to, and not to, use them for. If you're looking to make art that lasts, on a wall indoors near a window, or even outside, you may want to consider brands like Liquitex or Amsterdam. It should be noted that bright fluorescent colors, sometimes labeled reflex or neon, are always futigive no matter which brand makes them.


lightfast test acrylic paint markers uni posca montana and sharpies fugitive fading sun uv

Metallic colors are often lightfast, when made by a reputable manufacturer familiar with professional art supply standards. Colors such as gold, copper, silver, bronze and gunmetal are made from a pearl-white mica base (PW20, a reflective lightfast mineral). They are coated with a second pigment or dye, such as PR101 Red Iron Oxide for creating golden colors, or a lamp black for silver to black colors which are all lightfast. However, sometimes for cost benefits or making a smooth formula, craft-project focused companies who aren't as interested in making fine art materials, swap out that reliable second pigment for something like a yellow dye or cheaper unreliable coating. Such is the case with Sharpies:

Sharpie gold metallic marker acrylic paint fugitive lightfast test result

Liquitex has been making paint for professionals, with attention to lightfastness and arming the artist with information like pigment ingredients, opacity and lightfast ratings for a very long time. If you're worried about your artwork fading, especially if you plan to display your work in a bright environment or sell your art, make sure to look for supplies that have lightfast ratings on them. LFI means max lightfastness, which should result in years of direct sunlight with no fading. LFII colors often have minor fading by 1 year of sun exposure. Many acrylic markers on the market have a substantial amount of titanium white PW6, an extremely UV stable white, mixed in to make otherwise transparent pigments opaque. The solid square signifies opacity, meaning they will show up even on dark surfaces:

liquitex professional acrylic paint marker lightfast rating opacity pigment ingredients

Amsterdam acrylic paints, liquid inks and markers are from the company Royal Talens (who also makes oil and watercolor paints such as the highly praised Van Gogh student or Rembrandt professional grade watercolors), a very reliable brand regarding lightfastness. 

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