EZ Mount Cling Cushion Mounting Foam for Unmounted Rubber Stamps

Kimberly Crick


One 8.5"x11" cushion sheet. EZ mount 1/8" thick gray foam has a special cling surface on the foam itself. (It is built in, unlike other brands of double stick foam with a separate clear vinyl sheet.) One side is a smooth surface that clings to acrylic blocks, and the other side has a very sticky adhesive to grip your rubber stamp. If kept clean and free of dust, it never wears out or loses it's clingy strength, it will not fall off your acrylic block until you peel it off. Small stamps can be used without mounting, but this foam helps with even distribution of pressure for large images.


The EZ mount foam might arrive slightly curled up at the edges, this is not a defect - just static cling tension. It can be flattened back out by pulling the liner off the cling side and replacing it while the cushion is laying on a flat surface. You can use plastic binders to store your cling mounted rubber stamps. However, you should not use acetate/film transparency to store your stamps. Acetate contains chemicals that may permanently bond to the cling surface of mounting cushion. You can also store your stamps between pieces of the release paper liner (that comes on this product) within a tupperware container. To care for the cling side of your foam it is a good idea to keep it attached to your stamp block during cleaning if you are using alcohol or stamp cleaners. Regular rinsing with water and/or soap is fine.


If you have wood mounted stamps and are looking to reduce your storage space, you can loosen the adhesive on your wood blocks by placing them in the microwave for a few seconds, then remove it from the wood. Cushion layers can be stacked if you're unable to remove other brands of sticky foam from your rubber so you can use them with acrylic blocks.