Perfect Pearls Mica Powder for Clay, Stamping and Metallic Watercolor Painting (select a color)

Kimberly Crick

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This item is discontinued. Any color that does not appear in the drop-down list is sold out.

Perfect Pearls is mica powder (metallic dry pigment made from a non-toxic natural silicate mineral) in a small plastic screw top jar. The jar measures 1.5" wide and about 0.5" deep, powder weighs approx. 0.25oz (0.5oz with jar). This product is different than most other mica powders on the market because of an added gum arabic binder, allowing it to be ready for adhering to wet surfaces or being used like a watercolor paint (unlike pastel dust easily brushed from a surface). Like watercolor, it can be reactivated with water for lifting techniques and can be mixed with other watercolor paints to create shimmer colors. Create custom sparkle mister sprays in small bottles by mixing with ink, dye or pigments (shake well before use). Spray through stencils or directly on paper to create backgrounds for your art and stamped cards. Also great for decorating polymer clay, sprinkling into resin, embossing powders, on sticky designs such as acrylic paint mediums before drying, double sided tape and glue pens.

 Perfect Pearls mica powder metallic gold watercolor sunflower sparkle coliro finetec calligraphy and paint

See product photos for example art and color charts. Available colors include Biscotti, Blue Patina, Cappuccino, Confetti White, Festival Green, Forever Blue, Forever Green, Forever Red, Forever Violet, Grape Fizz, Green Patina, Heirloom Gold, Jubilee Blue, Mint, Perfect Bronze, Perfect Copper, Perfect Gold, Perfect Pearl, Pewter, Pink Gumball, Sunflower Sparkle and Turquoise. Some colors shown are no longer manufactured: Blush, Merriment Red and Mandarin are available while limited stock remains.