Swatch Card Rubber Stamp ATC Grid for Color Picker, Watercolor Palette Chart (Choose Mounting Option)

Kimberly Crick


Trading card size grid style rubber stamp measuring about 2.5" x 3.5". This image size allows you to store your stamped papers in 3-ring binder pocket protectors made for common trading cards.

The rubber stamp is available with different backing options - see mounting options in the drop-down menu when adding it to the cart. Choose from rubber-only (for you to glue or tape to your own block or other DIY object like foam/cardboard/wood), select cling foam backing (static) to use it with your own acrylic block. Fully mounted options that are ready to use include a lightweight eco-friendly recycled rubber-backed black foam mount, or you can choose a traditional heavy clear acrylic block.

I recommend using a waterproof Archival Ink Pad to ink this stamp, then press the inked stamp firmly onto your choice of watercolor paper. Hot press watercolor papers will result in the most crisp lines, but stamps are still usable on cold/rough papers with some bumpy textures.

Simple grid design is flexible for use as a swatch card for your paints, inks, markers, pencils etc. or as a color chart in your 12 half pan watercolor sets. It can also be used as a color matching tool, where your painted grid is compared to an object to help you select a color to paint with. It can help you compare your pure pigments or color mixtures side by side to things like real flowers or leaves. You may store it in a binder, like a card deck, or use a hole punch for a key-ring style flip book. This can be handy to keep on your painting desk as a reference when choosing the right pigment to match an object.

Recommended paper? I personally use Arches cold press 140# cotton watercolor paper for my own swatch cards, as that is the paper I'm most likely to use for my artwork. I want my swatch examples to look as similar as possible to my potential paintings. You can use cheaper materials for your own swatching (such as student papers like Canson XL). However this may be less helpful as a reference, since cellulose or a different press (hot/rough) paper surface will cause different effects in both granulation texture and color intensity.

You can find 3-ring binders and trading card pocket 100 pages (each fitting 9 cards, or 18 front and back) on Amazon here or 25 page packs here. This size is commonly used for art cards (ATC / ACEO) as well as Baseball / Sport Trading Cards. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you :)