Heart Shape Palette for Watercolor or Gouache Paint Compact Pocket Size Container

Kimberly Crick


Lightweight empty heart shape white plastic palette with a clear acrylic lid to keep dust out. Ideal for small desks, pockets and secure pouches when traveling. *NOTE* This palette has a gently latching lid that does not close very securely. If accidentally opened, lid will stop about 1/4 of the way open, before slightly more pressure is needed to fully open it (due to the angular latches at the top of the heart). If you require a very secure tiny travel palette that may get rattled around in a larger travel bag, I recommend the color wheel style screw-on lid palette here.


Tiny pocket size heart measures about 2.75" x 2.75" at it's widest points. See images for further inner measurements. Each space can fit more paint than a standard watercolor half pan size. Ideal for split complimentary palette selections for primary color mixing (fill with 6 colors, a warm and a cool version of red yellow and blue). I like to keep my sets with the top two compartments or center area empty to use as a mixing space.


You can see this palette in action in the following video, where I used it with Art Philosophy tube paints. It provided me ample room to mix new convenience colors for use from dry later.