Heart Shape Palette for Watercolor or Gouache Paint Compact Travel Size Container

Kimberly Crick


Empty heart shape white plastic palette with clear acrylic lid. The lid has raised areas that slightly fit into each open well area when closed, making it less likely for paint to get mixed up between sections.This is ideal for gouache type paints that may become tiny cracked chunks, as they will not get into other color sections when traveling.

Tiny pocket size heart measures about 2.75" x 2.75" at it's widest points. See images for further inner measurements. Each space can fit more paint than a standard watercolor half pan size. Great for small desk spaces.

Ideal for split complimentary palette selections for primary color mixing (fill with 6 colors, a warm and a cool version of red yellow and blue). I like to keep my sets with the top two compartments or center area empty to use as a mixing space.