Copper Simple Leaf (Easy Peel Backing) Metal Foil Gilding Mona Lisa Speedball 18 Square Sheets

Kimberly Crick

$10.99 $11.99

Simple Leaf Metal Sheets 5.5" x 5.5" squares 18 sheets in this package. Simple Leaf is an innovation in composition (mixed metal ingredient) leaf. The super light weight thin metal foil (much thinner than aluminum foil) is placed on a waxed transfer paper under pressure.

When the leaf is applied to the adhesive, the leaf only adheres to the glued area. The excess leaf stays on the transfer paper so there is virtually no waste. It also prevents the mess that is normally associated with loose leafing or flakes. Simple Leaf is designed for flat surfaces. Because it is made from real metal, the look is much more reflective than paint alternatives. Makes a beautiful addition to artwork, adding a real metal shine to design elements in your painting. Manufactured for the Mona Lisa brand by Speedball.