Color Wheel Rubber Stamp for Watercolor , Ink, Acrylic, Marker, Pencil. Organize Mixing Recipes Geometric Primary Secondary Tertiary (Select Mounting Option)

Kimberly Crick


Geometric color wheel design rubber stamp. Great for use with watercolor and other art mediums for practicing color theory, primary color mixing trios resulting in secondary and tertiary colors. Use the center triangle for your choice of warm, cool, neutral or pastel trio. The outer edges and ring are all the colors possible to mix from those three colors. Colors across from each other on the ring are complimentary, ideal for deciding upon color schemes.


Available as rubber-only or choose optional cling foam and/or acrylic mount. Rubber stamp image measures about 2" x 2" square. While designed for watercolor painting, this swatch design was made without words so it could be used as a universal art medium rubber stamp. It allows for freedom to use with ink, markers, pencils, pens, acrylic paints and more!


For use with water media (watercolors, acrylic, inks) try the “Archival Ink” waterproof ink pad. For use with alcohol based media (Pinata/Alcohol Inks, Copic Markers) try "Memento" brand ink pads. Dry media such as chalk or colored pencils may use either ink or try the digital download for your inkjet or toner printers.


You may use my stamp designs to create personal use items, in addition to handmade (non-machine reproduced) items for sale. You may sell your hand colored swatch cards, such as offering samples and dot cards of art supplies. Transfer of the original unaltered image to 3rd parties is not allowed. If you would like your colored work to be sold in a way that requires machine reproduction, such as making a new product or displaying the art in books, feel free to contact me to discuss commercial image licensing.


Ideal for storing large color chart collections in 3-ring binders (office style, for tab edges) using coin collector pages (noted to fit 2" or 50mm squares). BCW Pro, the company that commonly makes baseball and artist trading card sleeves, also offer these directly. Below are links to Amazon where I bought the storage solutions I use for my art supply collection. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


Find BCW Pro 2"x2" Coin Pocket Protector Binder 25 Pages on Amazon here. You can also check their bulk pack 100 page set price here. There are also other companies that may offer similar binder page protector sheets like this.