Daniel Smith Moonglow Watercolor vs Look-a-Likes Dupes by Roman Szmal Da Vinci Paul Rubens + LIGHTFAST TEST

Comparison of Daniel Smith paints vs how other brands have made similar color mixtures. I will be covering multiple granulating and color separating watercolors like Shadow Violet and Imperial Purple, but my next YouTube video will concentrate specifically on Moonglow vs Roman Szmal's Przybysz's Grey, Da Vinci Artemis and Paul Rubens Shadow Purple (not to be confused with Ruben's Moonlight Purple which confusingly imitates DS Shadow Violet, but more about that in the next video).


Daniel Smith moonglow watercolor da vinci artemis roman szmal grey lightfast fugitive pr177


I've noticed some misinformation being shared about these paints, passing along the manufacturers LFI lightfast rating without question, and doing limited side by side comparisons that aren't in-depth enough to get a good picture of the differences between these colors. I tried very hard to go in depth with my studies to better inform artists about the issues with these paints. I'll also be covering some experiments with mixing my own lightfast version!


PR177 is known to fade in tints/diluted with an estimated LFIII rating in watercolor. Unfortunately ASTM has rated it LFI in masstone (likely from a test using thick acrylic or oil paint) and this is passed on to watercolor consumers. This is an example of why I now do lightfast testing of both masstone and diluted ranges for all colors. In just 6 months PR177 starts to fade away to nothing when diluted (compare that to multiple years of daily window light for lightfast colors). It's just as bad as opera pink and alizarin crimson that most people know as fugitive.
More about fugitive colors, lightfast test results and other art supply reviews can be found here.


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