American Journey Watercolor Review, Cheap Joes, Color Chart Swatch Cards

American Journey is the name for Cheap Joe's store brand watercolors. These paints are manufactured for them in the USA by DaVinci Paint Co. There are many color duplicates, so if you have shopped American Journey watercolors with Cheap Joe's store before be aware you already own Da Vinci paints. Some colors may have slightly different names, for instance A.J. Quin Gold DEEP appears to be the same as D.V. Quin Gold (not "deep").


They are lovely, high quality, smooth, well behaved and have all the high pigment load you'd expect from a professional brand. One unique thing to American Journey is that they had Da Vinci make them custom mixtures. There are several convenience colors (multiple pigment mixtures) that, while you could mix on your own, are quite pretty and available only under the American Journey label.


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The following swatch cards will be added to the pigment database, to be compared side by side with paints from other brands.


Swatch cards:
PY150 PR206 American Journey Cheap Joe's Watercolor Quinacridone Gold Deep Art Pigment Database 


Because of the higher price point and limited availability of these paints, I highly recommend shopping Da Vinci brand instead through Blick: