New Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Review 48 Color Set Affordable Gift Beginner Artist


Further info will be added to the lightfast testing and art supply review section. This includes any other videos I've made about this company, still images of example art, a collection of color charts, along with fugitive fading results. I share my experience on hundreds of pigment and dye ingredients from dozens of painting, drawing and craft supply manufacturers.


If you would like to buy any of the supplies I used in this video, the Amazon links are below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I've also included links to the waterproof inks, pens, brushes and papers I use in all of my reviews. For watercolor, gouache or ink painting, I use small round brushes by Princeton. Heritage series is ideal for a sharp point, small details and snap. Their Neptune series is a synthetic imitation squirrel hair, which is a very soft brush with an amazing ability to hold a lot of water for washes.


Happy painting :)


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  • Elaine Gardner - November 27, 2022

    Kim, I’m a former physician, microbiologist, no real art education, but I’ve dabbled in different mediums through the years. About 8 years ago, my wonderful late son, who had repeatedly urged me to get back into art; showed an old ink painting I had done of one of our horses, to the grandmother of a close China. Although we traveled a lot when my kids were young; I knew NOTHING about Chinese traditional brush painting. Boy, did that change over the next 4-5 years. Nainai Laoshi (grandma teacher), AKA Lili, had taught for over 30yrs here at several universities, including Stanford, before retiring back to China. Unfortunately, we spent more time talking history, culture, food and language than working on art pieces. Lili’s health began deteriorating shortly before my son returned to the US and he helped move her to..what would be equivalent to assisted living..but in a South China RESORT. Our lessons stopped but her kids and grandkids video chat with me every holiday..a few months ago, from the resort with beautiful 94yr old Lili in a hammock between two trees, stream next to her, brush and “board” in hand (her daughter and I created a small board with felt attached, clips for the raw Xuan paper she loves so much. We’re working on an ink holder for her to attach it to the board) longer story short, unfortunately, at the start of the pandemic, unlike others, I wasn’t painting or baking bread. I was researching and talking to former colleagues, mentors and researchers around the world..TRYING to inform people here, but unfortunately, most wouldn’t listen. I won’t go further into that. Last year, my precious son passed from blood clots, partly due to our genetic disorder, partly COVID. After getting over the shock, his Chinese friends were begging me to get back into best friend, also a retired art professor, suggested we work on fusing East & West watercolor. I have several excellent professional Chinese tutors, as well as some American ones, along with my friend. I’m doing SOME painting, but this playing with different brands, types (granulating..a few Chinese tutors are even experimenting with it in landscapes!), mixing Chinese or Japanese Kuratake metallics into granulating best friend came over last week to take me to the hospital..I won’t repeat her first words, but she said “you’ve regressed into your mad scientist days! Instead of a lab filled with chemicals, cells and viruses…PAINTS, INKS, and WTF IS THIS IN YOUR OVEN??!” (Getting rid of mold on Chinese pigment chips..gone bad 🤷🏼‍♀️ Not every experiment will work) She now understood why I didn’t call 911. A few months ago, I just had paints all over my bathroom when I fell, my daughter was alerted and paramedics were thoroughly confused about the TV Table in the bathroom, paints & some mediums on the counter and table. HAD to stay busy & was spending most of my time in the bathroom anyways, so 🤷🏼‍♀️) They suggested a psych best friend, personal doc and good friend, assured them it was just me being me (“and it keeps her off Twitter and out of trouble..let her play!).
    The reason for this diatribe..first, I LOVE your work; thank you SO much for your VERY helpful reviews, swatches and charts! If I could afford to donate right now, I would. Unfortunately, I’m getting ready to move..and my girls moving an older legally blind, disabled lady on proving to be much more expensive than anticipated. I WILL use your affiliate links next week when I order a few more….things. 🤫
    However also, I don’t see anywhere where you have tried Kuratake mica gold and silver inks. A few weeks ago, one of my tutors in China made a strange request. As much as he loves now using an occasional green apatite or Shire Moss green to highlight his landscapes; he had seen an ancient Chinese stone painting he had always wanted, but was never able, to replicate the textures..and small, occasional gold highlights. I kind of know what he meant..I’ve been trying to do a Himalayan mountain scene, from one of my sons pictures, where occasional golden blossoms in the field, with snowy giant peaks in the background..look like gold highlights.
    I got to work. The ONLY two things I found, to mix (just a touch) of gold ink into a granulating paint? A gold Chinese YiDeGe ink..that’s not available here (it contains a metal along with real gold, if you were to drink it, it could hurt you..or cause cancer. I don’t know WHO would be drinking gold ink, but 🤷🏼‍♀️) Kuratake gold and silver made the same effects. I had some because Lili had required it for calligraphy. Just a small amount in granulating paints..the metallic seems to latch onto the granulation. Dr Chen is thrilled! I am now experimenting with different blue-greens & silver for water effects.
    Which brings me to my last point. In your American Journey video..a EUREKA moment! I have been looking for a NON-CHALKY-dull buff-titanium like paint to paint both our beloved Florida beaches. I’m from Florida, now living in the Poconos, about to move to Buffalo to be near my younger daughter. (I need 2 surgeries, she’s a NP) I spent most of my life either on white Sandy beaches (Destin or my late father’s hometown, Daytona Beach) OR at the beautiful Florida Springs, with their glistening crushed white lime bottoms and crystal clear, COLD waters); but EVERY paint I tried was too brown, too chalky ( I honestly thought the Van Gogh BT my best friend gave me HAD to be’s not)..none even came close to what I was looking for, until your video. As soon as my social security check gets here..I’m headed to Cheap Joes.🤫😂. Don’t tell my girls! THANK YOU! Anyways, I highly recommend trying out the Kuratake gold ink, just look at reviews My personal requirements for metallics are that they look more natural, NOT glittery, smooth and able to combine with my paints without making them look like I used a children’s glitter paint. I normally only use this for highlights, so I use very little gold or silver. This ink works perfectly!
    NOW, going to go work on a sketch/painting of Dr Kitty Leela (she saved my life last year and became a little local celebrity). Her “ginger” coloring has become my latest challenge in between packing and playing mad scientist. I want to do a painting of her for my best friend before I leave next month. 😁

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