Prima Art Philosophy Watercolor Lightfast Test CONFECTIONS AND CONFETTI Student Grade Color Chart and Review

Review, color chart, video painting demonstrations, lightfast and fugitive fading results for Art Philosophy watercolor sets by Prima Marketing. (Prima is a craft supply company who, in recent years, changed the art supply section of their catalog to be branded as "Art Philosophy".) This page covers the student grade PAN sets marketed towards crafters that do card making and rubber stamping. They come in metal tins with 12 half pan watercolor paints called "confections" or as a 24 color set called "confetti".


If you're looking for Art Philosophy watercolor TUBES instead (PROFESSIONAL ARTIST GRADE PAINTS you can see them on the other review page here). In 2019 they added the 24 pan "Confetti" set to their catalog as an affordable, bargain/crafter grade, option. This set has pigment codes, like you might find in higher quality paints, but do not be fooled - many of the codes are inaccurate and the pigments used will fade.


Their "Confections" sets that have 12 colors per tin are simply labeled as "artist quality" which has lead to confusion regarding their grade. The quality of these paints are definitely not up to par with any professional grade brand. At best, all of these sets should be considered "student" or even a third category including beginner, crafters or "bargain" quality. While you can create lovely looking artwork with these paints, they are overall less lightfast, lower pigment load, poor reflectivity / shimmer in the metallic ranges and have some odd reactions in wet washes or salt texture effects when compared to higher quality paints.


They are affordable, but if lightfastness is not a major concern I would recommend Pretty Excellent or Miya brands instead. Those brands offer more paint, and slightly higher light resistance, at a similar price point. That being said, Prima / Art Philosophy paints are capable of vibrant coloring, smooth layering and glazing techniques. The fading issues primarily mean they are only well suited to sketchbooks, practice painting, crafts and card making.



The following colors are part of the 24 "confetti" set, which does not share colors with any of their other sets. This selection is student grade and should be considered overall fugitive, with no lightfast ratings available. The pigments noted on their color chart have some errors, but several of the ones they claim to use are not typically stable in UV light (mainly in the pink/orange/yellow range). This set is best used for card making, scrapbooks and sketchbooks, not for art to hang on the wall in a room receiving window lighting.


In as little as 3 months all of the pink, orange and red colors faded from nearby window lighting. (Compared to lightfast pigments that remain unchanged for over 1 year in direct daily sunlight, this is dramatically fugitive.)
Art philosophy prima watercolor lightfast test confetti 24 half pan set pigment color chart fading fugitive


There was a typo on "Wood" that said PB25 (B for blue, which seemed to be a mistake for Br for brown... BUT there is evidence that this is a multi pigment mixture because what appears to be PBk7 black is all that remains after the lightfast test):

Prima watercolor lightfast test brown fading fugitive confetti pan set pigment database handprint

Confetti set swatch cards:


PY81 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Yellow Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PY14 PW6 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Lemon Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PY14 PW6 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Anise Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PY83 PBk7 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Sand Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PO13 PW6 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Melon Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PY14 PO16 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Papaya Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PY47 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Marigold Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PY14 PO13 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Orange Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PR23 PW6 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Pink Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PR122 PO13 PW6 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Wild Rose Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PO13 PO68 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Wild Strawberry Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart  PR23 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Cherry Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PR146 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Carnation Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PV23 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Purple Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PB15 PV23 PW6 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Denim Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PB15-3 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Sky Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PB15 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Blue Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PG7 PB15 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Teal Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PY83 PG7 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Lime Green Watercolor Swatch Card color chart PY83 PG7 PO13 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Moss Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PBr25 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Wood Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PY83 PO13 PBk7 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Brown Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PBk7 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti Black Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart PW6 Prima Art Philosophy Confetti White Watercolor Swatch Card Color Chart


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They also offer "Confections" sets of 12 pans, such as these:


Confections set reviews coming soon. I am currently working on the swatch cards for several of these sets and completing the lightfast tests. They contain slightly less fugitive pigments than the Confetti set, but had an unpleasant chalkiness and gritty texture in some of the colors. Overall none of the paints were as highly pigmented or easy to re-wet as pro grade paints.

If you're really interested in this company, I much prefer their tube paints, which are similar to ShinHan.

Confections swatch cards:

---In progress---

If you'd like to see how these paints compare to the same colors in other brands, check out the pigment database here.


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