How to make Miniature Projects Doll House Scenery Tutorial

Some project ideas for miniature gardens or 1:12 scale doll house decorations.


What is 1:12 scale? This is the most common size of doll house items, where 1" (inch) equals 1' (foot) of a real life item. For example, a foot long sub or baguette would be recreated as one inch. You can figure out how big to create your doll house item by measuring the real life item in inches, and dividing it by 12. Such as my 48" wide dining table divided by 12 is 4, so I would make a 4" wide miniature table.



Potted plants and flowers for miniature gardens or doll house scenery:
This tutorial used "Flower Soft" brand colored foam particles, floral wires, wooden flower pot shape, acrylic paint, x-acto knife/blade, paper, optional paper punches (or you can use a die cutter or small detail scissors to create leaf shapes) and any tacky pva thick white glue that dries clear such as Elmer's.



Looks great on a doll house table or in with miniature garden scenery. I put mine on a cherry wood dining table using scrap book paper as the wallpaper (as shown in the image below.)



Flower Soft also makes a great center for your paper punched flowers. The bottom left flower bunch uses the regular size, and the poppies in the upper right use the ultra fine flower soft in a variety of colors.

How to make miniature food using polymer clay for jewelry or 1:12 scale dollhouse decorations.


A foot long sub or baguette would be recreated as one inch. Use that as a general guide for making other types of bread loafs in comparison.




Use your miniature food for jewelry, or in doll house settings such as market stalls, bakeries and the dining room. I used my miniature bread to feed my Calico Critters cat family :) They are not quite 1:12 scale, but their cartoon proportions allow objects made in that scale to be 'close enough' when used with them. If you have your own favorite dolls or toy sets, you could make your items to fit them. This is also a fun, inexpensive way to personalize toy accessories for your child's favorite dolls.



More tutorials coming in the future! Until then I hope that you found this cute and entertaining :)




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