Arrtx Gouache Paint Set 30ml Jelly Cup Review Color Chart Pigment Info

Arrtx gouache is a student grade paint available in jelly cup containers in a large plastic box. This affordable set allows beginner artists to experiment with gouache without breaking the bank. The per-color cost is a fraction of most designer or professional tube paints (not to mention these are 30ml each instead of the standard 15ml). These paints are made with a mixture of lightfast and fugitive pigments, very similarly to any brand's "designer" gouache (such as Winsor and Newton or Daler Rowney) where the colors are meant to be vibrant and scanned for web images or making prints.


Most colors are opaque or semi-opaque, layer well and dry matte. They had surprisingly fine particles (not gritty or grainy) which resulted in the ability to use like watercolor when diluted and still produce a salt texture reaction in wet washes. Sometimes cheaper gouache brands will not grind their pigment powders this fine, not only to save money but also to promote opacity, which makes them not as functional as transparent watercolors. These actually compare well to higher quality paints and have a high pigment load. The binder amount was good, but there was a slightly glossy finish on the black color (all others were totally matte once dry). As far as adhesion, there were no dusty/chalky issues as far as rubbing off the page once dry.




These paints will dry out over time and can be re-activated by rubbing with a wet brush or by pre-spraying with purified water (not tap water unless you don't mind risking introducing mold spores). I put mine into smaller containers to better fit onto my desk. If you are used to watercolor pan sets, you may find these easier to use from dry than their as-packaged moist state. You can find these paints and optional containers for sale on Amazon below. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you :)

They have multiple sets, some with bold primary mixing colors, others with a more muted or pastel selection. Here are the other things I used in my video as well, such as black watercolor paper and white transfer chalk.


Swatch card color chart:

PY42 PW6 Arrtx Gouache Naples Yellow Color Pigment Database Paint PY3 Arrtx Gouache Lemon Yellow Color Pigment Database Paint PY1 PO13 Arrtx Gouache Medium Yellow Color Pigment Database Paint PO13 Arrtx Gouache Orange Red Color Pigment Database Paint PR63:1 Arrtx Gouache Deep Red Color Pigment Database Paint PBk7 PV23 PW6 Arrtx Gouache Lilac Color Pigment Database Paint PV23 PW6 Arrtx Gouache Aegean Sea Color Pigment Database Paint PB15:1 PY42 PW6 Arrtx Gouache Cloud Peninnah Color Pigment Database Paint PB15:1 PW6 Arrtx Gouache Lake Blue Color Pigment Database Paint PB27 Arrtx Gouache Prussian Blue Color Pigment Database Paint PY1 PG7 Arrtx Gouache Green Frequency Color Pigment Database Paint PY1 PG7 PW6 Arrtx Gouache Maldives Color Pigment Database Paint PY42 PG7 Arrtx Gouache Turquoise Color Pigment Database Paint PO13 PG7 Arrtx Gouache Olive Grey Color Pigment Database Paint PBk7 PY42 Arrtx Gouache Burnt Umber Color Pigment Database Paint PBk7 Arrtx Gouache Black Color Pigment Database Paint PW6 Arrtx Gouache White Color Pigment Database Paint PW6 Arrtx Gouache Titanium White Color Pigment Database Paint

If you'd like to see how each color compares to paint from other brands, check out the pigment database. You can search by pigment color and code, for example to see how Ultramarine Blue PB29 looks from a dozen brands all next to each other.

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