Mini Empty Metal Tin Box for DIY Watercolor Pans Travel Palette Container

Kimberly Crick


Small mini pocket size blank magnetic tin box measures about 45x60x15mm (approx 1.75" x 2.25" and 1/2" thick). See second picture for size reference in comparison to Altoids tins - this is slightly larger than the "smalls" mint tins, but much smaller than the normal Altoids tins. It has a connected, hinged lid, with a small bump to allow the lid to securely shut.


Empty tins can be used for storing your handmade paints or tube-filled empty watercolor pans. Please note that, like any metal tins such as Altoids containers, they are not rust-proof. It is ideal to keep these containers as dry as possible, and not to be used as a mixing well. When using any tins for watercolor paint storage, mixing colors on paper is suggested. I typically cut a piece of watercolor paper to fit into the inside of the lid for use as a color chart. I have used the inner lid as a mixing area as well, but it should be wiped dry after painting to reduce rust build up over time.


Can fit about 6 standard size half pans inside, or 3 full pans - great for primary trios. This listing is for the empty tin only, you can find pans to put inside here. Magnet tape for the bottom of the pans can be found here.