Ice Resin Try-Me Size Plunger 25ml Push Syringe

Kimberly Crick


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"Ice Resin" plunger involves a clear 2-part liquid that hardens within about 30 minutes of mixing.  This allows items to be sealed into a glass-like appearance.  One tube has a yellow tint, the other a blue (but it all dries clear).  Add to the mix, your choice of ink, paint, ice-resin dye, glitter, mice powders or dried plant flowers & leaves, for different effects. Depending on the applied thickness and the size of the pendant tray, each plunger kit can fill minimum 4 to 8 bezels.

Hold upright so that air bubbles go to the top before squeezing the syringe.  This will help ensure that equal parts of each liquid come out.  Mix thoroughly in a plastic cup.  Toothpick remove any bubbles within 20 minutes.  Fully dry in about 12 hours depending on humidity.

If working with open-back frames, press the frame onto the sticky side of packaging tape or contact paper to create a sealed-in area for pouring resin.  Pee tape off after resin has fully hardened.  If your tape created a matte or frosted texture on the back of the pendant, it can be easily restored to a glossy shine by spraying with a clear sealer or by adding a thin layer of resin applied with a paint brush.