Flexible Push Mold Set Tropical Flowers Pair

Kimberly Crick


This handmade flexible mold is sized for jewelry making and meant to be used by pushing polymer clay into it. Measurements in the photo are approximate for finished clay art (your final cast size can vary due to baking shrinkage). Clay example art shown to the right of the mold is for reference of what the mold can create, the example art is not included.


For the example art ideas I color my clay with perfect pearls, chalk pastels or acrylic paint. A firm clay like Premo by Sculpey holds fine details well. You can use porcelain, fine grit ceramic, air dry or paper clays, PMC (precious metal clays) etc. If your brand of clay is very soft (like bubble gum) and you have issues with warping as you pop the clay out, I recommend putting the mold (with clay inside) into a fridge or freezer. After a few minutes it will be cool, causing the clay to be firm enough to hold details before release. All molds are shallow, the finished piece varies by design from about 5 to 10mm deep. Molds can be used with a broad range of materials, but using them with poured liquids like soap, plaster or resin will be difficult due to the shallow edges and curved backside.


Made with food grade, non-toxic, non-stick silicone molding putty. It does not require a release agent, most materials pop out cleanly. It is soft and flexible, which could be easily cut by scissors or blades, so careful adult-only handling is advised. Molds in my personal collection have lasted hundreds of impressions over the years without failure, unlike hard molds made from plaster or clay that have worn down, cracked or flaked over time.


Molds may have uneven edges, finger prints or other minor signs of not being machine replicated. The original carving is done in wood or bone, which can have tiny grain marks that show up as texture when the mold is cast. Each one is made by hand after an order is placed and will add about 3 business days to your shipping time. I do not keep any molds in stock. Since my image collection is large, it can be several months or more before this specific design is ordered again. As with all of my items, I guarantee these individually handmade goods to be as pictured and described, but because the materials and work can not be undone I am unable to accept returns.