Paul Rubens Watercolor Dot Card - SHI YUN New 2021 Six Colors Precipitated Layered PBk11 Granulation Mixture Samples

Kimberly Crick


Handmade dot card featuring 6 colors from the Shi Yun watercolor tube set by Paul Rubens. If you are unfamiliar with dot samples, the tiny blobs are a thin layer of watercolor paint from a tube which has been spread onto paper and allowed to dry. I used Bee brand cotton cold press 140# paper measuring 2.5" x 3.5". These dots re-wet easily with a damp brush and can be used to test out these paints before deciding to invest in buying the bigger tubes. There is enough paint to make swatch cards for each color, such as the ones I made as an example in the image above using my swatch rubber stamp or digital template.

These paints can be purchased as a 15ml tube set online at AliExpress (worldwide) or on Amazon (USA). The Amazon listing describes these as "Paul Rubens Watercolor Paint, 6 Precipitated Colors 15ml Tube Set with Special Layered" - meaning there is gentle color separation and texture due to the PBk11 granulating pigment in these. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you :)