Gelly Roll Classic WHITE Gel Pen Bold # 10 (0.5mm thick line size) Single

Kimberly Crick


This Sakura Gelly Roll bold #10 gel pen is a lower price alternative to the Uni Ball signo bold commonly used for adding white gel pen highlights in artwork. The Titanium White pigment ink is lightfast and ideal for final details on watercolor art. It is not waterproof, so mistakes can be lifted with a wet brush. The example art image above shows how you can use the pen for dotting / stippling such as stars in a night sky, or lines to suggest where light is hitting your subject. This pen is dispenses more ink than thin line pens, allowing for better opacity. Actual drawn line varies from about 05. to 0.75mm for strokes, and up to 1mm when held in place to allow the ink to pool. Pen sold individually.