Daler Rowney Aquafine Watercolor Pocket Travel Set of 12 Half Pans + Brush (Great for custom DIY compact mini palette!)

Kimberly Crick

$12.99 $17.99

Daler Rowney Aquafine set of 12 half pan size watercolors. This is a high end student grade paint set similar to Van Gogh. It uses lightfast pigments with most of the assortment being LFI and the two reds being marginally LFII. See photos for color names and pigment codes. Includes a size 4 mini round brush, great for using in a sketchbook while traveling. This case is about the size of a smart phone and will be convenient for pockets, purses or cramped limited desk space. You can DIY pry apart this case with some pressure and discard the bottom tray. Once you pop off the inner insert holding the pans to expand the space, insert additional pans or pour tube paints using empty pans (fits 48 mini sample size pans or 16-18 half pans) available here. Mini pans are short enough to fit anywhere along the base, but half pans must leave small lines that coordinate with the mixing well dividers. See pictures for details on how this comes apart and how additional pans could fit.